Medison is a global pharma company focused on providing access to highly innovative therapies to patients in international markets.

Medison Pharma in Australia and New Zealand is a pioneer in the healthcare landscape as the first to focus solely on commercializing highly innovative therapies, helping to save and improve the lives of patients in the region suffering from the most challenging diseases by accelerating access to the best available novel treatments.

With established regional presence and deep expertise in local regulatory and market access, Medison Pharma offers an affiliate-like partnership, enabling emerging biotech companies to expand their reach into the Australia-New Zealand market.

List of Medicines (Australia):

Below is a list of medicines that Medison currently markets in Australia, including Product  Information (for healthcare professionals) and Consumer Medicine Information (for consumers). Australian regulations do not allow pharmaceutical companies to offer medical advice on the diagnosis of disease or choice of therapy to consumers. Please consult with your healthcare professional.

Please refer to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Website for additional information on our products.

This website contains information intended for residents of Australia only.

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